Ring Binders / Folders

the perfect place for your quotation, tender, documentation ....

Whether it is a large tender, quotation or course materials, the binders of the loose-leaf RibbleBox is a neat whole. With or without visible rings, conducted in aluskin is a great entrant. Equipped with any Digiprint, screen printing or embossing the necessary branding. See more examples in our shop.


Aluskin Ring Binder with embossing en 'etchlook' silk screen printed.

Crystal clear 'VIP' binder Silk Screen Printed in PEARL-white.


For a sustainable appearance in recycle board brown.


Collection Folders 6 types with FC DIGIprint.


Folder made from 2tone cardboard black/blue. Other color combinations possible.


Alu-skin binder includes snaps, purple slipcase for window and a purple coated ring mechanism.